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Hi, I’m Jess. A professional, speaker, coach, leader, corporate director, wife, boxer, dancer and cat mom. I’m here to be your best friend voice with a plan, helping you achieve your goals and reach your potential.
I’m so glad you’re here because it means you’re ready to dive in and find that invincible and successful person you can be. I love mentoring and working with people to help them reach their career goals by identifying areas of growth and removing obstacles. So basically, you’ve come to the right place!
Like you, I was a college grad with a plan….twice. I’ve got both my B.S. in Labor Economics (where my math lovers at?)  and History and a master’s degree in Business. Then I took on the work world and got a degree in the real thing – work life. I still work in a job I love as a Senior Director, leading teams in product development, sourcing and engagement.
Let me guess, you have a dream life and career that you want, but you’re not sure how to get there. Or, you had some big goals and you’re not sure if you CAN get there. I’ve been there. I’ve had my fair share of right turns in my career, new paths, and ignored red flags. But some of the biggest obstacles and hardest times have taught me the best lessons, and highlighted what I value most.  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and made the best blueprints so you can be successful at work and fulfilled in life…just faster!  I’d love to do a discovery call and work with you 1:1 or share with you in one of my courses.
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