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You’ve Launched Your Business But Struggle to Find Clients:
You KNOW people need what you have to offer and BELIEVE in the value and impact you want to make.
You’ve joined social media platforms and networking groups to promote your services but…
You haven’t signed your first paying client yet or are struggling to find your next one.
You’re HOPING that things will turnaround but you have no clear STRATEGY to make that happen.
Truth is, you are STRUGGLING. You feel like an IMPOSTER and feel OVERWHELMED not knowing what steps to take that will have measurable RESULTS.
You may be at a crossroads (or someone has given you an ultimatum): you need consistent paying clients or will be forced to give up on your dream of working for yourself and be forced to get a “real job.” (Gasp!)
You need to figure out HOW to build a successful business YESTERDAY.
FACT: As you’ve discovered, it takes more than an idea to create a thriving business.
You need to develop the business fundamentals and skills needed to run a thriving business.
You need a strategy to build your credibility and establish yourself as an expert that others actively seek out.
You need to be viewed as trustworthy to deliver the results your services promise so people will willingly invest in your offering at rates you deserve and become raving fans.
You need to get comfortable selling your services and making offers.
You need support from business owners who understand the emotional rollercoaster you are living.
The first step is to STOP chasing shiny objects or strategies that promises easy results.
Building a successful business isn’t easy. It requires EFFORT and CONSISTENCY of ACTION on the right things.
The second step is to understand where to FOCUS your effort as it will save you $$$, time and effort.
Focus on the proven fundamentals that make businesses regardless of industry successful.
Focus on cultivating the habits that create predictable and scalable growth.
Focus on strategies that deliver RESULTS.
The third step is to start with the end in mind. Download below the free video training on a key skill you need to develop to achieve consistent client growth: “How to Learn to Love Selling”
When you invest in coaching with a seasoned business owner you take the mystery and guess work out of HOW to build a thriving business. You directly benefit from their years of experience, expertise and track record of achieving consistent results working with hundreds of service based business owners just like you from all around the world across multiple industries. Someone with startup and multinational experience.
Whether you choose 1-1 or group coaching, self directed learning, attending events or a combination of all 4 pathways to success, investing in your growth will be the smartest investment you can make to gain clients NOW and create a thriving business that scales.
You WILL make progress more quickly than going it alone.
You will have an intentional strategy that leads to RESULTS.
You will reduce your stress levels and bring back JOY on the journey of building a business.
The time is NOW: Get Clear. Gain Confidence. See Results.
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