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Music and all of the creative arts have the power to transform emotions & experiences in ways that talking cannot. Music therapy is the use of music in therapy to aid you in your journey to wholeness, your true self, and wellness.  Music therapy includes listening to music, relaxing with music, talking about music, song writing, & playing instruments. Services include individual and group sessions through telehealth at this time.   Music skills are not required to benefit from music therapy.

I work nationally through telehealth providing music therapy individual and sessions   focusing on stress, anxiety, trauma, acute or chronic pain, & life’s ups and downs.  In addition, I offer a free monthly music meditation.  All are welcome.
Gray identifies as transmasculine nonbinary & queer. They have over 25 years of experience working with children, teens, adults, & older adults. Their work centers in humanism, queer theory, culturally responsive, & anti-oppressive practices. They specialize in queer issues, stress, identity development, stress, anxiety, relaxation, pain, & trauma.
The sessions for folks with chronic pain, including chronic pelvic pain, will explore music based pain management techniques you can learn to use independently, facilitate resilience, empower connections with other people with chronic pain, facilitate relaxation, and teach healthy coping strategies. Each session will focus on techniques to decrease pain, support enhancing resilience, improved mood, build community, enhanced coping, improved relaxation, and connection to joy. Experiences may include music facilitated relaxation, mindfulness, singing, songwriting, and movement.

As a queer identified therapist, I specialize in working with LGBTQAI+ folks. Whether you are questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation, coming out, transitioning, coping with bullying/harassment/discrimination, figuring out who you are or dealing with life, together, we can find creative ways to address your goals to find happier, healthier, and more relaxed life, finding the path to wholeness and wellness. I provide queer affirming, anti-oppressive, anti-ablist music therapy sessions and groups


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