The High-Priestess Goddess Activation Academy

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Who IS the High-Priestess? 👑

A High-Priestess is a heart centered, Spiritual community Leader who has an innate ability to hold space for others and show up as their own authentic selves. Embodying both the Feminine/Masculine energies 🤍🖤

A High Priestess is someone who embodies the Duality; standing in the middle of Light/Dark. In the middle of Good/Evil. The High Priestess is the feminine version of a High Priest 🌬

How she chooses to display her wisdom is up to her; for she is either self initiated or in coven.

The High Priestess is a voyager, a confident vessel that has allowed herself to enter the darkest part of her psyche; to face the inner most workings 💪

I am a self-initiated High-Priestess and my name is Aurora Lilith Rose 🌹

I have gone through many years of navigation through the Light and the Dark within my Being.

I recently passed my deepest, darkest Initiation and KNEW intuitively that my Higher-Self had deemed me worthy of the High-Priestess role after years of Inner-Work.

I have gained very Sacred Wisdom around the navigation, shadow work, integrations and access to Inner-Goddess Codes that are NOT found within the typical New Age Love and Light community 🚫

In fact….

I’m yet to share these Sacred Codes with anyone else 😲


Is created within the Madness.

Within the darkness.

Aurora is the Bringer of the Dawn 🌅. She is a Light Worker. She brings forth the Dawn after the Dark each morning.


Was thought to be more of a Dark 🖤 Goddess. Even though she stands for Radical, Wild Freedom 🔥

We ALL Harbour the Light and the Dark within us.


We simply need to give ourselves permission to receive assistance in tapping in to these Majestic, Divine, Sacred areas of ourselves 💋

Perhaps you are newly awakened and are searching for your Divine Soul Mission….

Or perhaps you’ve been awakened for many lifetimes and you KNOW what your Divine Soul Mission is and you simply can’t seem to gain access to the levels of confidence you require to execute.

Maybe you simply want to learn how to unconditionally LOVE yourself and gain radical levels of confidence 💕

No matter which walk of life you may be on;

If you are a Divine Feminine who is searching for skills, Activations, guidance and the opportunity to be initiated into your own High-Priestess role….

Then this Vortex IS for you.

🦋 There are limited spaces available 🦋

I am seeking the women who are READY and willing to commit and step into their Soverignty, to earn their Crowns and assist in the rebirth of the beautiful Divine SiStarhood that has been dimmed and washed away for far too long.

“Be a woman of confidence, not cockiness. Know your boundaries, set no limits. Speak your kindness and turn your back to conformed groups. The only way to be a woman of change in this world, is to walk what you talk and set your own soul free first.”

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