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A high-vibe, supportive monthly Online membership for moms juggling work and life without the guilt.

Wonder Moms is meant for someone who has a deep yearning to live life on their own terms, to say to hell with being ‘just a mom’.

She knows she is destined for more, more free time, more quality time with the family, more fun time, and more time to work on her own thing.
The 4 Part Game Plan – Game Changing Action Steps in 10 minutes or Less
Each step of each pillar has a short, punchy, game-changing video where you’ll access actionable advice to implement right away.

By following the game plan you will create more free time and reduce stress, creating a home environment that you love.

Exclusive Expert Masterclasses
Each month we have a guest expert interview on topics such as business money mindset, positive parenting using music, creating your perfect home office space, empowering kids through kindness and much more. All our experts are moms and in the trenches, they share their expertise plus their pearls of wisdom on managing mom life and business.

Get It Started Execution Plan & Workbook
We have a 5 step action plan to get you started with the month’s topic, 5 steps, each a bite-sized action step that you can easily fit into your day.


The Big Boost Challenge
Once a month we have accountability on steroids sessions. Helping you get those annoying tedious tasks off your plate or use it to get yourself back in the saddle after life has thrown a curveball or even a lockdown your way.

Wonder Mom Support Group
A Facebook community with support, accountability check-ins, help, and feedback so that you don’t have to be alone with your kids 7 days a week… with no real adult contact.

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